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Booking Request Form

If you're interested in booking a training package, please fill in this form.  I’ll usually get back to you by email within 24 hours – if you haven’t heard anything by then please check your spam and promo folders to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

Areas covered:

Leamington Spa





Surrounding areas

I can help with:

Dogs who pull on the lead

Dogs who won't recall

Dogs who jump up

Dogs who can't relax

Rescue dogs

Has your dog shown signs of any of the following behavioural issues?
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How did you find out about me?

Thanks for submitting - don't forget to check your spam folder for a reply!

Why do I have to fill in this form?

I ask all potential clients to fill in this form to make sure that my services are the right fit for them and their dog and that they get the help they need.

What happens next?

You should hear back from me within 24 hours (Tue–Sat). If I'm able to help, you'll receive a link to book and pay for your package online.

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